Observed Oceanic Surface Modes in the Northern South China Sea


发布日期:2023-07-26 阅读:190

报告人:全祺 副研究员(华东师范大学)

邀请人:于溢 副研究员

时    间:7月28日(周五)15:00-16:30

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召集人:于溢 副研究员



报告人:全祺  副研究员(华东师范大学)

报告题目:Observed Oceanic Surface Modes in the Northern South China Sea

报告人简介:全祺,华东师范大学河口海岸学国家重点实验室副研究员。主要从事边缘海环流形成与变异机理的理论和数值模拟研究,目前主持国家和省部级科研项目3项,在Journal of Physical Oceanography、Journal of Geophysical Research:Oceans、Ocean Modelling 以及Progress in Oceanography  等业内主流期刊发表论文10余篇,并担任相应期刊审稿人。

报告摘要:Using observations and theoretical models, a substantial topographic modulation on the quasi-geostrophic (QG) dynamics, which results in a primary surface mode distinct from the classic first baroclinic (BC1) mode with a flat bottom, is revealed in the Northern South China Sea (NSCS). With a larger deformation radius, the surface mode Rossby waves propagate at a phase speed ~1.5 times of that of the BC1 mode. Moreover, the modal structures can be substantially modified by seasonal NSCS circulation, which is significantly enhanced over continental slopes. The present theory excludes the bottom-trapped mode, which is closely associated with topographic Rossby waves and is observed to be significant in the abyssal NSCS. Hence, a complete normal-mode basis for any QG state is required for a study that focuses on flow variability throughout the water column. Our findings provide an insight into the vertical partition of horizontal kinetic energy for QG motions, as well as the relevant oceanic variation in marginal seas.

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