Open recruitment: the director of State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics

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Directly affiliated to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO) was established in 1966 and has developed into a non-profit oceanographic research institute with comprehensive disciplines, strong scientific and technological capabilities and advanced equipment support. It is mainly engaged in marine scientific researches on China seas, oceans and polar regions as well as the R&D and application of high technology for marine environmental protection and resources exploration.

State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED) was funded in July 2006 and was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in December 2009. At present, SOED is the only state key laboratory within the MNR system. Setting the head quarter in Hangzhou, SOED conducts physical construction with SIO, MNR as the supporting organization and established several public facilities in Lin’an and Zhoushan Base. Currently, 74 fixed-term researchers and staffs work at SOED, including three academicians, three members of national “Ten Thousand Talents Plan,” one member funded by “Distinguished Young Scientists Fund of NSFC” and three members funded by Excellent Young Scientists Fund of the NSFC, and more than 30 members selected into provincial and ministerial talents programs. SOED also cultivates two innovation groups of Ministry of Science and Technology in key research fields and one innovation group of NSFC, having built a well-structured scientific team, with highly qualified senior scholars as academic leaders and talented young scientists as the backbone.

SOED continues to take the two major national needs of protecting marine safety and environment while focusing on disaster prevention and mitigation and protecting marine ecosystems and focusing on marine conservation as the driven force, and aims to break through the technical core and theoretical system of three-dimensional observation and prediction of the marine environment and ecosystem, leading basic operational research and cutting-edge technology development on marine satellite remote sensing technology and application, ocean dynamic processes and marine eco-environment and ocean circulation and climate change.

Based on the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Construction and Operation of State Key Laboratories" (MST & NDRC & NSFC [2008] No. 539), SOED plans to carry out the leadership succession and the position for the lab director is now open. Preference will be given to outstanding candidates from home or aboard. The detailed information is listed as follows:

1. Position Summary

1.1 Be responsible for initiating and implementing the development plan of SOED to better solve major marine scientific problems and serve the needs of the national marine strategy;

1.2 The director should seek to attract and support academic leaders and young scientific talents, optimize the talent structure, and build a high level research team with international reputation.

1.3 Be responsible for organizing and conducting major national scientific research projects and international cooperation, and gain a number of world-leading scientific and technological achievement;

1.4 Promoting the multidisciplinary integration of SOED, strengthening the laboratory's external academic exchanges, and maximizing the laboratory's international influence;

1.5 Innovating the managing system and mechanism of the laboratory, building a people-oriented, scientific and efficient operational mechanism, and stimulating an academic culture of unity, endeavor, contribution and sharing.


2. Qualifications

2.1 The appointee should possess good moral qualities, academic ethnics, and professionalism;

2.2 In principle, the appointee under 55 years old would be preferred;

2.3 The appointee must hold a Ph. D in a related field and have work experience at the level of tenure professor/research scientist;

2.4 The appointee must demonstrate continuous and effective engagement in his/her research activity of high quality and significance which is recognized by peers from home and aboard;

2.5 The appointee should possess outstanding organizational and managing capabilities;

2.6 The appointee should propose innovative ideas for promoting the development and academic research of SOED;

2.7 The appointee must work full-time at SOED.

3. Benefit Package

3.1 A professional team will assist the appointee to carry out regular administrative work;

3.2 SOED will provide comfortable work and living conditions and competitive stipend, and the detailed conditions are negotiable during the interview.


4. Application instruction and deadline

4.1 Application materials required:

· A recently updated Curriculum Vitae;

· Five representative published papers or monographs;

· A copy of education certificate, certificate of professional qualifications/appointment letters and certificates of important awards;

· Three reference letters from professionals in the appointee’s research field;

· A cover letter that includes the work plan and career objectives.

4.2 Application deadline

The applicant should submit the above required items via email before 31 May, 2022, Beijing time.

4.3 Application instructions

All applications will receive equal consideration after submission. After qualification review and expert review, the candidate will attend an interview and the supporting organization (SIO) will give a comprehensive assessment to the candidate and then submit the related documents to Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Science and Technology for approval. The appointee will sign employment contract with SIO after those procedures. Once the applicant pass the qualification review, the specific interview time will be notified afterwards.   


5. Contact Person

Contact Person: Miss. Hou

Tel: +86-571-81963561


Mail address: Second Institute of Oceanography, MNR, No.36 Baochubei Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

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