Popularizing Science for the Future—SIO encourages scientists give lectures in schools to popularize marine science

Date of Issue:2022-10-27 Reading:315

As the National Science Popularization Day is around the corner, SIO co-organized “Science polarization supports ‘double reduction educational policies’ and lightens the scientific dreams”--a series of science popularization activities on campus with the Science Association of Gongshu District and the Association of Young High-level Talents of Zhejiang Province. Scientists from SIO visited Hangzhou Qizheng Middle School, Hangzhou Wenlan Experimental School and Jinghang Canal Kindergarten and enlightened students and kids with stories about ocean and climate, marine creatures and eco-environment protection.

In Hangzhou Wenlan Experimental School, associate research scientist Ying Jun delivered a science popularization lecture “Would we experience a hotter summer in 2023?” to the grade three students in the primary school. In response to the record-breaking high temperature in Hangzhou this summer, Dr. Ying demonstrated several major factors affecting the climate change in China. He introduced scientific jargons such as subtropical high pressure and atmospheric circulation, explained the difference between weather and climate, inspired primary school students establish a low-carbon and environmental friendly life style, and encouraged the students to be "environmental supermen at home". In the class, the students actively joined class discussions and proposed various low-carbon habits that can protect environment, such as driving less fuel vehicles and sorting garbage well, and they are all willing to be the little guardians of caring for the environment and slowing down global warming.


Associate research scientist Ying Jun at Hangzhou Wenlan Experimental School

In Qizheng Middle School, research scientist Ding Weiwei shared his precious experience of scientific expeditions in Arctic with grade seven and eight students, and told the vivid story of how the Chinese scientists completed “the impossible mission” to carry out marine geological expedition in the Arctic. He also presented the students the glorious scenery of the North Pole during the journey, and introduced polar icebreaker Xuelong 2 that carries scientists to complete Antarctic expeditions. Young journalists from Qizheng Middle School raised a number of questions about volcanic eruptions at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean and deep-sea creatures. Dr. Ding answered them one by one, and used his personal experience to inspire the students to encounter the difficulties and explore bravely on the road of life.


Research scientist Ding Weiwei at Qizheng Middle School

In the Jinghang Canal Kindergarten, Dr. Zhang Haifeng introduced various knowledge about sea turtles to the children, shared the stories of "how the little Sea turtles strive for survival" and "rescue turtles at sea" through short videos. Dr. Zhang also conveyed the importance of protecting the marine environment and caring for marine life by his personal vivid experience of rescuing the sea turtle trapped in a fishing net. More than 100 children who participated in this science popularization activity were all fascinated by Dr. Zhang’s narration. When they saw the little turtles were in deep danger, they stood up and cheered for the tenacious creatures. The Jinghang Canal Kindergarten shared the live broadcast of this class to the four other campus, and 900 children listened to the story of the little turtle online. In addition to telling popular science stories, Dr. Zhang also answered various imaginative questions such as "why the igloo is not so cold" and "what is the black smoker in the deep sea", so as to broaden the children's views of the ocean.


Dr. Zhang Haifeng at the Jinghang Canal Kindergarten

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