The outstanding students of SIO 2022 summer camp pay an academic visit to SIO

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From 29 to 30 August, the Postgraduate Education Center of SIO, State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics, Key Laboratory of Marine Ecosystem Dynamics, and Key Laboratory of Marine Ecosystem Dynamics jointly organized a study tour at SIO for the outstanding students of SIO 2022 summer camp.



The outstanding students of 2022 Summer Camp visited National Marine Satellite Ground Station

On the morning of 29 August, the outstanding students from Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Xiamen University Malaysia Campus, Shandong Normal University paid an academic visit to Science on sphere, National Marine Satellite Ground Station, China Argo Real-time Data Center, the Satellite Data Processing and Sharing Center and Marine Instruments Sharing Platform of MED. The students also enjoyed a 3D movie “Explore the Deep Sea by the Jiaolong submersible finishes”. After listening to the instructions delivered by scientists, students further understand the researches carried by laboratories of SIO and they were motivated to devote themselves to marine science. On the afternoon, students visited the academic teams in different laboratories according to their research interests and exchange views on frontiers in marine science with the research scientists for their future study.

On 30 August, the students visited the Lin’an Base of SIO. In Lin’an Base, they visited the first class research and experimental platforms, including the Laboratory of Structure Simulation, 1000-superclean lab, Marine Instruments Sharing Platform of SOED, Computing and Data Sharing Center, National Sharing Platform for Reference Materials (Marine Reference Materials), and Laboratory of Sediment Analysis.


The outstanding students of 2022 Summer Camp visited the Lin’an Base of SIO

The SIO 2022 Summer Camp was co-organized by the Postgraduate Education Center and the three key laboratories affiliated to SIO. By participating this academic trip, the outstanding students had an opportunity to know about the postgraduate education curriculum and highlight of SIO. Before bidding farewell, the students were all determined to go further in marine science, and were looking forward to a reunion at SIO in the next year.

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