SOED Organized a Workshop of Guidance to Apply NSFC Funds

Date of Issue:2022-12-07 Reading:279

On 10 January, the SOED organized a workshop of Guidance to Apply NSFC Funds, inviting the research scientist Hou Yijun from Institute of Oceanology. CAS to give a presentation on “How to write an outstanding application for NSFC Funds”. Dr. Hou concluded his successful experience as “one standpoint, two key points, three important highlights and rich extensions”. Afterwards, Dr. Hou gave one-to-one tutorials to young scientists who plan to submit their applications this year. During the workshop, associate director Wang Yuntao introduced the application and research fund of NSFC projects over the years, as well as the current situation that the young scientists are faced with. The participants held warm discussions and exchanged experience.

Dr. Hou Yijun gave the presentation on the guidance to apply NSFC funds

NSFC funds are one of the main approaches of supporting basic researches in China. In 2022, the SOED added one major program on scientific instruments, one Joint Key Fund, and nine General Programs and Young Scientist Programs sponsored by NSFC. This workshop marked the beginning of the application paperwork for NSFC funds.

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