Deputy Director of Marine Disaster Reduction Centre, MNR visited SIO

Date of Issue:2022-08-23 Reading:179

On 23 August, Ms. Gao Lin, deputy director Marine Disaster Reduction Centre, Minister of Nature Resources led a delegation to visit Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO). Dr. Chen Jianfang, deputy director of SIO and director of State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics (SOED) attended the bilateral meeting.


The bilateral meeting between SIO and MDRC

In the meeting, the delegation of Marine Disaster Reduction Centre and representatives of SIO have in-depth conversation on topics including marine ecological protection and restoration, and early warning and monitoring of marine ecological environment. Both sides claim that the two institutions have already built a solid cooperative ground, and will maximize their strengths to deepen the cooperation in fields of blue carbon, and early warning and monitoring of algal bloom, therefore contributing to national needs for disaster prevention and mitigation.

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