SOED Successfully Co-organized the "The Advanced Training Course of China-Pacific Island Countries on Climate Change"

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The opening ceremony of the advanced training course

Recently, hosted by China-Pacific Island Countries Climate Action Cooperation Center, and co-hosted by Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS and the SOED, The Advanced Training Course of China-Pacific Island Countries on Climate Change was rounded off. Scientists from our lab has contributed to the course design and student enrollment, giving online lectures for trainees from governmental departments, on site engineers and professional researchers from Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and other Pacific island countries. Chen Jianfang, Deputy General Director of Second Institute of Oceanography, MNR and Director of the SOED, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony.


Online group photo of the lecturers and trainees

The advanced training course was promptly designed in ten special sessions focused on facts and risk assessment of climate change, strategies to address climate change, ocean observation and the related services, and case studies of how China and Pacific island countries addressing climate change. Researcher Wang Yuntao from our lab gave a special lecture on "Ocean Observation System and Simulation of Prediction to Ensure Marine Ecological Health". He introduced the role of marine observation and simulation prediction in understanding the ocean and protecting the ocean, as well as the development of China's marine observation technology and simulation prediction, and their important contributions to protect marine eco-environment.


Dr. Wang Yuntao gave the special lecture

Researcher Zhang Huaguo and assistant researcher Cao Wen’ting jointly delivered a special report on "Capacity Building of Remote Sensing Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems in Pacific Island Countries", systematically introducing the progress of China's self-made satellites in building capacity for remote sensing monitoring of the oceans, coastal zones and benthic ecosystems of Pacific island countries and emergent disaster remote sensing monitoring in the aspects of China's remote sensing monitoring capability and the pilot applications in remote sensing monitoring in Pacific island countries.


Dr. Zhang Huaguo and Dr. Cao Wen’ting delivered the report


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