Scientists from SOED Attended the “Blue Carbon • Health • Talent” Female Scientists Forum as Known as the 4th Female Science and Technology Innovation Salon

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From 11 to 12 November, hosted by the Standing Committee of China Women’s Association for Science and Technology, and jointly-organized by the School of Oceanography of Zhejiang University, the Second Institute of Oceanography, MNR, the Wenzhou Science and Technology Association and Women's Federation of Wenzhou, the "Blue Carbon • Health • Talent" Female Scientists Forum and the 4th Female Science and Technology Innovation Salon was successfully held in Wenzhou,

The forum was composed of three sessions: "Women's Science and Technology Innovation Salon: Her Power in Ocean Blue Carbon Increase", "Female Scientists Forum: Discussing Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals; Promoting Health; Seeking Growth" and "Big Hands Holding Small Hands: Science Popularization Activity". By delivering keynote speeches, exchanging ideas in the forum, hosting round table conferences and expressing consensus, the female scientists talked about their personal stories in career path, the responsibilities of female scientists and the love to their family and country, which reveals the succession, integration and sharing of the spirit of science.


"The Female Science and Technology Innovation Salon" was held on 11 November, with the theme of "Her Power in Ocean Blue Carbon Increase". Nine female scientists from 6 institutions gave keynote speeches. In particular, researcher Bai Yan from SOED presented a report on " Remote Sensing Monitoring Technology on Ocean Carbon Sink and Carbon Flux ". Academician Jiao Nianzhi from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Wu Fengchang from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Haisheng, dean of the Institute of Oceanography of Zhejiang University, and Chen Ying, the founding dean of the Ocean College of Zhejiang University, were invited to make expert comments. They highly appreciated the academic reports and achievements made by the female marine scientists, and pointed out that the theme of this forum conveyed scientific and comprehensive message which in line with the national dual carbon strategy and international hot spots, as well as cared about the health of the earth and the growth of young scientists. Also, under the leadership of researcher Han Xiqiu from SIO, who is the chairperson of this forum, the series of forums has become a brand event where female scientists gather to express themselves. During the forum, researcher Han Xiqiu also encouraged female schoolers in marine science to remain true to their original aspirations and take the responsibility to contribute to building a great nation in marine science, a world leader in science and technology, a promise land for talents, and a healthy China.

At the "Female Scientists Forum" held on the next day, Associate Professor Chen Shuangling from SOED and many other female scientists held warm discussions on topics of “’Dual Carbon’ strategy" and "individual success", and shared their unique views on how to enhance ocean carbon storage, improve the environment for women in scientific and technological innovation, and help female scientific and technological workers to grow into talents. The forum also published the consensus of female scientists at World Young Scientists Summit 2022, expressing a common sense for the value of women in the future course of science and technology innovation.

On the afternoon, the theme activity of “Big Hands Holding Small Hands: Science Popularization Activity" was held in Children Friendship Park (the Bailuzhou Park) in Wenzhou. 39 female scientists, including researcher Bai Yan and associate researcher Chen Shuangling from the SOED, held hands with primary school students one-on-one and visited Wenzhou Museum of Mathematics and the Tang River, known as the mother river of the city. With knowledge and carefulness, patience and love, the female scientists have exerted subtle influence on primary school students in igniting their curiosity, guiding them to love science and life, and inspiring them to protect the environment.


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